Luo Points CEU Workshop

Luo Points

A Professional Review of the theories, clinical applications, assumptions and risks of the Classical, Traditional and Modern Applications.

The Luo Collateals and points are presented in the Nei Jing Ling Shu and Su Wen and it most main acupuncture texts up to the current time. Three major changes occureed that altered the way the Luo Collaterals and Luo points were applied from their original function. In this workshop we discuss the classical and traditional understanding of these collaterals and points and the “new” theories and clinical applictions, to determine the assumptions made and the risks of the new theories and applications.

Learn about Dou Hanqing from the Yuan Dynasty, and the assignming of four luo points as opening points of the eight extrarodanary channels.

Learn about Yang, Jizhou from the Ming Dynasty, and his presention of the Source-Luo point (Host-Guest) point combinaiton.

Learn about George Solie De Morant, Dr. Alber Chamfrault and Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi (from 1930s – 1950s) and their theories about the Luo Collaterals.

I believe the Luo Channels are the most altered channel system and this workshop presents this alteration and presents clinical applications based on classical and traditional Chinese acupuncture.

The workshop includes:

Luo Collaterals and Points in the Early Acupuncture Texts

Dou Hanqing’s presentation of four luo points

Yang Jizou’s Source-Luo Point combinations

George Solie De Morant, Dr. Alber Chamfrault and Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi theories and applications

Clinical Applications based on classical and traditional texts and teachings

Sunday, July30, 2023, noon-4pm, PDT, 4-CEUs, $60.00

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